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Vanavond (08/07) in Concerto Radio

Geschreven door Op 8 juli 2022

Shoegaze till you drop, deze vrijdag in Concerto Radio!

Er zijn namelijk fantastische platen van Ghost Woman, Spacey Jane en The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Spits ook de oren voor de nieuwe van Foals, Paolo Nutini en Warmduscher. De Concerto is van The Prodigy en de instore is van Bernice Aloyse.

Inschakelen vanaf 21.00 uur! Check hier het podcast-archief met afleveringen.


Ghost Woman, Along: Ghost Woman
Foals, Wake Me Up: Life Is Yours
Paolo Nutini, Children Of The Stars: Last Night In The Bittersweet
The Brian Jonestown Massacre, It’s About Being Free Really; Fire Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Spacey Jane, Lunchtime: Here Comes Everybody
Kelley Stoltz, We Grew So Far Apart: The Stylist
Life, The Drug: North East Coastal Town
Bernice Aloyse, Love Chase: Instore @ Concerto
The Smile, We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings: A Light For Attracting Attention
The People’s Pleasure Grounds, Another State of Mind: Another State of Mind (Single)
The Prodigy, Fuel My Fire: The Fat Of The Land
Destroyer, It Takes A Thief: Labyrinthitis
Warmduscher, Wild Flowers: At The Hotspot
Guided By Voices, Unproductive Funk: Tremblers And Goggles By Rank
Fleet Foxes, Sunblind [Solstice Version]: A Very Lonely Solstice

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