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New indie music @ Concerto record store (13-10-2023)

Met ditmaal: Dave Gahan, Dope Lemon, Kristin Hersh, Tobin Sprout, Hiss Golden Messenger, Sextile, Tim Knol, londe Redhead, Peter Hayes, Leah Shapiro, The Plastic Dolls, Darlyn, Jonathan Wilson, Gruff Rhys, plus een exclusive instore van Tangerine.

Concerto Radio, aflevering 513 (13 oktober 2023):

Dave Gahan, Mother Of Earth: The Task Has Overwhelmed Us

Dope Lemon, Miami Baby: Kimosabè

Kristin Hersh, St. Valentines Day Massacre: Clear Pond Road

Tobin Sprout, Girls On The Moon: Demos and Outtakes II

Hiss Golden Messenger, Shinbone: Jump for Joy

Sextile, Modern Weekend: Push

Tim Knol, Under The Gun: Long Live Your Friends

Tangerine, City To The Country: Instore @ Concerto

Blonde Redhead, Before: Sit Down For Dinner

Peter Hayes, Leah Shapiro, & Humanist, The Stranger In Our Town: The Task Has Overwhelmed Us

The Plastic Dolls, Where Is The World: Where Is The World?

Darlyn, Because of You: Roll With The Punches

Jonathan Wilson, Hey Love: Eat The Worm

Gruff Rhys, Celestial Candyfloss: Celestial Candyfloss (Single)