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New indie music @ Concerto record store (21-04-2023)

Met ditmaal: Laurel Canyon, Temples, Nick Waterhouse, Mudhoney, The Ducks, Tape Toy, Ryan Adams, Sunny War, CVC, Generation X, Gotcha!, Metallica, plus een exclusive instore van Dorpsstraat 3.

Concerto Radio, aflevering 488 (21 april 2023):

Laurel Canyon, Madame Hit The Wire: Laurel Canyon

Temples, Gamma Rays: Exotico

Nick Waterhouse, Unreal, Immaterial: The Fooler

Mudhoney, Move Under: Plastic Eternity

The Ducks, I’m Ready (Live): High Flyin’

Tape Toy, November: TTYS EP

Ryan Adams, Morning Glory: Morning Glory

Dorpsstraat 3, Instore @ Eurosonic

Sunny War, Baby Bitch: Anarchist Gospel

CVC, Docking The Pay (Rockfield Acoustic Version): Docking The Pay (Single)

Generation X, One Hundred Punks: Generation X

Gotcha!, Red Hot Mamma: Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha!

Metallica, Too Far Gone?: 72 Seasons