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Now on air

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New indie music @ Concerto record store (02-02-2024)

Met ditmaal: Ty Segall, Johan, Sivert Høyem, The Umbrellas, The Smile, Torres, New Model Army, Yīn Yīn, Brainstory, Nine Inch Nails, Empty Country, Gruff Rhys, Willi Carlisle, plus een exclusive instore van Johan.

Concerto Radio, aflevering 528 (26 januari 2024):

Ty Segall, Move: Three Bells

Johan, Cincinnati: The Great Vacation

Sivert Høyem, Now You See Me/Now You Don’t: On An Island

The Umbrellas, Three Cheers!: Fairweather Friend

The Smile, Read The Room: Wall Of Eyes

Torres, Collect: What An Enormous Room

New Model Army, Coming Or Going: Unbroken

Johan, I Don’t Know Man: Instore @ Concerto

Yīn Yīn, White Storm: Mount Matsu

Brainstory, Hanging On: Hanging On (Single)

Nine Inch Nails, Head Like A Hole: Pretty Hate Machine

Empty Country, Syd: Empty Country II

Gruff Rhys, They Sold My Home To Build A Skyscraper: Sadness Sets Me Free

Willi Carlisle, Higher Lonesome: Critterland