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New indie music @ Concerto record store (04-08-2023)

Met ditmaal: Loupe, Martin Frawley, The Budos Band,Greta Van Fleet, The Clientele, Mountain Goats, Night Beats, Half Japanese, Say She She, Magnapop, Guided By Voices, Cut Worms, Dexys, Pachyman, Queens Of The Stone Age, plus een exclusive instore van Armand & The Kik.

Concerto Radio, aflevering 503 (4 augustus 2023):

Loupe, So Far So Good: Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?
Martin Frawley, Heart In Hand: The Wannabe
The Budos Band, KRITN: Frontier’s Edge
Greta Van Fleet, The Indigo Streak: Starcatcher
The Clientele, Blue Over Blue: I Am Not There Anymore
Mountain Goats, Clean Slate: Clean Slate (Single)
Night Beats, Nightmare: Rajan
Armand & The Kik, Gemeengoed: Instore @ Concerto
Half Japanese, Step Inside: Jump Into Love
Say She She, Astral Plane: Astral Plane (Single)
Magnapop, Come On Inside: Rubbing Doesn’t Help
Guided By Voices, Cruisers’ Cross: Welshpool Frillies
Cut Worms, Take it and Smile: Cut Worms
Dexys, I’m Going To Get Free: The Feminine Divine
Pachyman, All Night Long: Switched-On
Queens Of The Stone Age, What The Peephole Say: In Times New Roman…